New Day Distinctives

New Day isn’t like every other church out there, and that is both by providence and design.  We are:

  • Missional. We exist to connect people with Christ. Our purpose was carefully crafted into our mission statement: Loving God, loving people, living our mission! 
  • All in.  We ask more of those who join New Day than the typical church. We expect our members to attend, serve, give and commit to unity. 
  • Authentic.. Yes, we know it's a buzz word, but it's also the best word to describe a group of people who accept people as Christ did, just as they are. 
  • On the move.   Right now we operate as church-in-a-box and rent worship space as we continue to search for a place of our own. Meanwhile, we know that our objective is not building a structure but building up people. 
  • Biblical . We love the wisdom and depth of God's Word. We love it applied in our lives even more. 
  • Prayerful , We make decisions about ministry, moving and money after talking with God. He is the power broker. 
  •  Simple . We make no bones about keeping it simple.  It's not just because we're young. A streamlined structure defines our vision and is part of our charm.