We're a Church in a Box, For Now

Throughout its young history, New Day Church has rented space for worship, which requires a certain amount of setup and teardown. We've met in a hotel, rec centers and movie theaters. We currently meet at the Lathrem Center of Kettering Rec, 2900 Glengarry Road in Kettering. The Lathrem Center provides us with a spacious foyer and auditorium as well as educational space. When we baptize, we have both indoor and outdoor pools for use. Plus, the center is completely handicap accessible, and the rec staff are gracious hosts.

Church on the Move

While our present accommodations are very comfortable, New Day seeks a more permanent place of worship in order to expand our ministries. In that regard, we are very much a church on the move, never afraid to take a risk or take new ground. Join us on this great adventure with God!